Unify the entire hospital network as a powerful communication and collaboration platform that can be utilized by all stakeholders involved in patient care

As healthcare providers strive to deliver high-quality and affordable care to patients, they are facing growing cost pressures. Hospitals that lack a healthcare information system or have outdated technology face difficulties in establishing a seamless network. To address these challenges, IQVIA EMR offers a comprehensive and highly customizable solution that provides hospitals with the necessary tools for enhanced clinical operations and patient management.

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IQVIA’s EMR is a comprehensive hospital information system that handles patient administration and advanced clinical information system, along with the departmental solutions. The System gives physicians, nurses, and the entire healthcare team the environment they need to deliver best-practice, evidence-based care and reduce clinician burnout. As a single unified system, it helps improve care coordination, minimizes treatment delays and reduces medication errors and test duplication. It supports the patient journey through the hospital from admission to discharge.

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