Health care in the United Kingdom will evolve, and we want to lead the change by facilitating sustainable clinical and financial IT solutions.


Industry-leading solutions for paperless processes, from hospitals and primary care practices to public health and behavioral health to long-term care facilities.

  • Clinical Analytics
  • Population Health Management
  • Disease Surveillance & Prevalence
  • Patient Registry Programs
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Key Areas of Transformation


Virtual Care Management

Virtual care management boosts patient engagement and ensures timely access to care. Hospitals need to do more than just offer tele-consultations. True virtual care management is more about how patients are monitored remotely and how continuity of care is achieved as patients are discharged and treated at home. Integrated systems that ensure continuity of care from in-patient to out-patient, and home care to virtual care, are the future of healthcare.

Clinical Mobility

Healthcare professionals want to access information anytime, from anywhere. Ready access to data increases the productivity of care teams and improves response times. Yet, information is still often shared via handwritten notes, SMS or WhatsApp messages, communication mediums that do not give anytime, anywhere access and have privacy issues. Switching to a secure environment will give teams clinical mobility and reduce redundant paperwork.

At-Home Healthcare

Providing hospital level care at home can bring multiple benefits. At-home healthcare could reduce falls and re-admissions, drive efficiency with skill-based planning and utilize spare staff capacity with intelligent scheduling. Delivering that vision will require robust technology to manage your skill set versus the services that are offered to the patient.

AI-Driven Automation

Growth in computing capabilities and healthcare databases are creating opportunities to intelligently automate healthcare. How do we use artificial intelligence to identify patients in need? How can we use predictive analytics and process automation to find and manage bottlenecks in the patient journey? Hospitals that answer those questions stand to improve the patient experience and other aspects of their operations.

Choosing the right solutions

Numerous solutions have been created by vendors to tackle various aspects of the healthcare transformation. The issue for healthcare providers lies in determining which solutions best suit their requirements. In order to overcome this challenge, healthcare providers can turn to three guiding principles:

  • Proven solutions work better
  • It is a partnership not just software
  • Enhance what works

At our core, we believe that healthcare should be accessible, efficient, and effective. Our goal is to empower healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver the highest quality of care possible. So whether you’re a hospital, clinic, or private practice, we’re here to help you take your healthcare services to the next level. Let’s digitize healthcare together!